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Do you know where your parents are?
A selection of raw sweaty footage curated by us in celebration of those nights that went on, and on and on ...

Jungle Fever, 1993

The legendary Jungle Fever back at the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. “Gods of the Jungle” theme with Aztec backdrops and stages.
Raindance, 1990

Can you feel it? Something very special from the long standing kings of the original rave scene.

DJ Slipmatt at Ravelation NYE, 1996

In the early ’90s, one strain of U.K. breakbeat spawned the relatively sophisticated, moody sound of

Amnesia at Shelley’s, 1992

Watch back on 30 minutes of raw footage from the infamous Stoke-on-Trent club.

Autechre: live at Sweatbox 2, Bojangles, 1991

Long-lost footage of very early Autechre playing in Rochdale in 1991

Return To The Source at The Rocket, 1994

End of the rave, lights on carnage! No-one going home!

Doncaster warehouse rave, 1992

As you can see the pills were ace.

Jane Pratt "Ecstasy & Rave", 1993

Jane Pratt discusses rave culture with the NASA Crew.

Trailblazers of Acid House

The story of Acid House in the U.K. feat. Paul Oakenfold & Trevor Fung.

Jungleism - Ibiza Records, 1988 - 1994

We take you back to the beginning of Jungleism, Ibiza Records and Jungle Splash.

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