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With your help we aim to uncover the most authentic imagery from across the country, celebrating a unique subculture and telling the true story of dance music.

Submit your photos

In an age of digital distraction and temporary transcendence we seek to preserve, store and celebrate your stories, your history, your culture.

Adding to the archive is easy, simply send your scans, digital images, video or audio to

Please include if applicable:
  • Your name
  • Subject
  • Date taken
  • Location
  • Event name
  • Artists / headliners

Plus any additional notes you would like to add to the archive.

Photos from the Cult to Culture archive

What are we looking for?

We want to be there with you, sat on the sofa as you got ready. In the car, pirate tuned in, searching for that convoy. Standing on the speaker stack looking out across the haze of a floodlit field.

Raves, after parties, getting ready, getting f*cked, the convoy, pirate radio stations, from the best dressed to the most mashed. That mate, we all had one, we want to see him. Real photographs from the genesis of dance music, the early days, breaking in, setting up. The short journey up, the long journey back down.

We want to see your moments, unfiltered. We want to take delight in real lives, real people as we create this new peoples archive.

How should I send it?

Ideally images should be scanned as JPGS at 300 DPI and emailed to us at

Please include your name and any details you would like us to attach to the images, location, event, date etc.

We will be logging everything sent to us and storing copies to inform future generations. 

If any of your images are selected to be featured on our website or to be included in one of our Cult to Culture print issues we will be in touch to square it off with you first.

Current Submissions 

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