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A celebration of early dance music culture; out of the warehouses to the orbital parties, acid, hardcore, jungle and the genesis of the UK rave scene.

Cult to Culture is an independent collective - born from the scene - looking to explore, document and celebrate early UK dance music culture.

Our main aim is to preserve an archive of the people, a collection of photography, moving image and text telling authentic truths about a scene and sub-culture that has shaped the world.
Through collaboration we aim to make new connections, to bring the past into the present and ensure it provides a reference point for a future that furthers conversation and artistic expression.

We hold events, exhibitions, oh and on Thursdays we like to meet up and have a bit of fun.

Cult to Culture Issue 1: A Documentation of the UK rave scene 1988 - 2018  (Launch edition)

Our Archive.

With your help we aim to uncover the most authentic imagery from across the country, telling the true story of dance music from cult to culture.

By the people, for the people.

In an age of digital distraction and temporary transcendence we seek to preserve, store and celebrate your stories, your history, your culture.

We are looking to gather your photographs, videos, audio recordings to ensure they are preserved for future generations.
How to add to the archive.

Adding to the archive is easy, simply send your scans, digital images, video or audio to

Please include any information you have (eg. date, location, event, headliners) and we will ensure it is added to the archive as well.

Images from our first Cult to Culture exhibition held at the Lomography Gallery, Soho.

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